Lora-wan architecture

LoraWAN architecture is a narrowband wireless communications technology.

It is commonly used in the Internet of Things (IOT), to transmit data from remotely located sensors (known as sensor nodes).

Data from the sensors is then received by what is known as the ‘Gateway’.

The Gateway is a device that receives the data from the sensors, and puts it onto the Internet.

Once on the internet the data can be analysed and used to make automatic decisions.

An example of such an automatic decision might be to turn off a water irrigation system, because the fields are becoming too wet.

LoraWAN transmits small amounts of data (a few bytes at a time), at a slow rate.

Therefore you couldn’t use LoraWAN architecture for streaming live video, as the data could not be transmitted fast enough.

LoraWAN networks are being installed all over the world, both private and public.

The best known public LoraWAN network is the Things Network

The Things Network is a crownfunded IOT Internet of Things Network, that originated in Amsterdam, Holland.

It has rapidly expanded since 2015, and is now worldwide.

Our local Lincoln Things Network group was initiated by myself in 2016.

We have two Gateways and five members currently.

Private LoraWAN networks are also being installed by companies.

LoraWAN can be installed locally, with the software on internal company servers.

Alternatively LoraWAN can be based in the Internet cloud.

The advantage of hosting a LoraWAN server in the Cloud, is that data can be accessed easily from anywhere.

A number of companies are now springing up providing integration services using LoraWAN technology.

In fact some countries also now have national networks, providing the ability to gather sensor data from around the country.

Topics this article will now cover:

  • LoraWAN architecture overview
  • LoRaWAN network server
  • Device classes
  • Scalability
  • Uplink and downlink messages


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