Lorawan- building an IoT  Gateway for the Things Network

Lincoln Things Network

I am the initiator of the Lincoln Things Network which is a worldwide crowd funded initiative, bringing lorawan wireless IOT (Internet of Things) to the world.

The local Lincoln group which I founded can be found at https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/lincoln/

The network receives environmental data from sensors. These sensors  transmit their data (such as air quality), via the radio frequency of 868Mhz (in Europe), to a device known as a ‘Gateway’.

The Gateway device receives the data, and puts that data onto the Internet, via Ethernet, or another connection method (such as 3G).

Once the data is on the Internet (in the cloud it can be used for a number of purposes.

Purposes include triggering an action, such as turning a physical piece of machinery on or off, or even alerting delivery drivers that a vending machine needs more salt and vinegar crisps (without the need of any human action to check and order stock).

Lorawan Gateway Construction

The first lorawan gateway for the city of Lincoln is being sponsored by Yesway Ltd, which also trades under the ‘Yesway Communications’  brand.

Yesway Ltd are sponsoring the components that go into the gateway.

The components consist of a lorawan wireless board, made by the German RF specialists IMST, and a UK designed Raspberry PI to run the software needed.

Additional components needed, include a suitable antenna and case.

The system gateway is almost ready to install  now, and has been designed to be able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.


More information to follow shortly, as things progress, but in the mean time why not take a look at the Lincoln Local Things network group page.



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