Prototyping IOT solution

Prototyping the initial IOT design, can seem daunting, however it will be easier if you break the process down into parts.

The example below, shows what I mean, by breaking the process down. It is a circuit to control a Solenoid, from a Micro-controller.

Controlling a Solenoid from a Micro-controller

Controlling a solenoid from a micro-controller is useful in IOT projects.

A solenoid is an electro-mechanical device which when supplied with voltage, moves a metal rod outwards.

When the voltage supply is switched off, a spring returns the metal rod back into the solenoid casing.

A common place that you will find solenoids, is in electronic door locks, such as those found in buildings, and on cars.

Using solenoids with IOT projects is easy, and the solenoids can be controlled using a micro-controller, such an Arduino.

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