Electric Alfa GTV – Electric Motor Conversion Choices

So far in my previous blog post, I talked about the history of the Alfa Romeo (916) GTV. I also talked about my intention to convert into an electric vehicle. In this blog post we will look at the various types of electric motors commonly used in electric vehicle conversions. DC or AC Electric Motors? […]

Electric Morris Minor

This blog post is about my design suggestions for an electric Morris Minor. There have already been some prototype electric Morris Minor conversions already, which i will discuss. In addition I have designed alternative ways to successfully convert classic cars such as the Morris Minor. The Morris Minor is a British car designed by Sir […]

Superyacht Radio New Competitor

The New Radio from Entel, could be the perfect Superyacht Radio. Expecting the best from all areas of life is something that owners of Superyachts expect, and demand. This not only encompasses yacht decor and culinary standards, but also the more subtle things too. There are literally thousands of radio communications suppliers globally, from a […]

Tips for Replacing Car Brake Pads

Tips for Replacing Car Brake Pads My car recently failed its annual MOT inspection on worn front brake pads. Being an experienced engineer, and having even taught GCSE Motor Vehicle studies, I decided to do the work myself. The first issue was getting the locking wheel nuts off, as the key was slipping. A tip […]

Flying Transmitters – Part 1

Increasing radio coverage range Radio communications at frequencies above 30 Mhz normally travel between transmitter and receiver, in what is known as ‘line of sight’. In other words they don’t bounce off the atmospheric layers, or the ground, as they can do below 30 Mhz. You may have noticed that if you are listening to […]

What happens when you pour water on an induction motor

Pouring water on an Induction Motor may stop it working, due to the lowering of the insulation resistance of the internal motor coil windings. The coil windings are located inside the metal case of the induction motor, and are what generates a magnetic field, which makes the motor turn. This article will focus on what […]

Motivation – What Motivates You?

What Motivates You (Passions) I regularly ask myself the question ‘what motivates me in life’. So far have always ‘heard’ back the same voice in my head, telling me the answer. The answer that the voice in my head tells me, is three things:- Property Adventure Travel I am happy and motivated when at least […]


Zigbee Developed by Zigbee Alliance IEEE 802.15.4 based specification High level communication protocols Used to create Personal Area Networks (PAN) Uses small low power digital radios Typically used for home automation, medical device data collection, other projects requiring low power & low bandwidth Conceived in 1995, standardised in 2003, revised in 2006 Features of Zigbee […]