What is lorawan

Lorawan is a wireless wide area network technology, based on Lora  narrowband  Spread Spectrum technology.

What Does a Lorawan Server Do

A lorawan server is in the Internet Cloud, and processes data received from  remote field sensors (measuring environmental factors), which are known as nodes.

The data from the nodes is received by a device called a  Lora Gateway    , which then sends the data to the Lorawan Server.

The Server

There are a number of suitable servers available, and some are open source. Open Source means that you are able to download, use and modify the server code, with some licence restrictions (check first).

For example here is an Open Source Lora (WAN)  server  https://forum.loraserver.io

I intend to install this code, and will be expanding this post with more information, as I go along.

Be sure to check back on a regular basis.


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