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Wide experience in the engineering and telecommunications sectors including terrestrial & Space satellite communications for world leading companies.


I am able to offer a responsive service your organisation anywhere in the world, at short notice (subject to availability).


I pride myself on having a customer focused approach, with quality of service always in mind.


Whether you require Marine or Digital Communications support, I am eager to help you solve your challenges.

Blog by Craig Miles, mainly about Marine Engineering & Digital Wireless Communications.

Craig Miles

Aim High & be your best!

My Experience:

  • Over 10 years Design Technology, Marine Engineering & Business Marketing Teaching Experience.
  • International Defence Aerospace Industry experience, working on the design reliability of military satellite and ground station equipment.  #FMECA #DRACAS
  • Management experience in small manufacturing companies, in roles such as Quality Control of plastics manufacture.
  • Business startup experience in the e-commerce industry, and running an online business with International sales.
  • International property market research, sourcing, buying and selling, for profit.


Random stuff about me:

Left school at 16,  did one year of electronics at college, then worked in marine electronics manufacturing industry.

Once got a business idea while being chatted up by a lady in  a bar in Thailand (I politely declined her offer).

After first job, moved into  Wireless Telecoms.

Then got a  degree in Telecoms & Marketing.

Once part of a team of 7 in a raft race. The other six quit during the race, but I refused, and completed the course alone. Was knackered at end though.

Previously  worked at Europes leading international aerospace company, and also the worlds premier marine training school, doing proper engineering stuff.

Wrote first website, in HTML, in 1997, after buying a book on it to help get over a breakup (yes really).

Currently based in the UK, but have a nomadic heart.

Why not get in touch, I don’t usually bite.


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Twitter:    @acraigmiles


Instagram:  mrcraigmiles






Blog by Craig Miles

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I don't usually bite!

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