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Creative Engineering blog by Craig Miles PGCE,BSc (Hon’s), primarily focused on Marine Electrical Engineering & Wireless RF Communications.

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Marine Electrical Engineering Training Online

I formerly worked in marine electrical training, as a marine electrical lecturer and trainer at South Shields Marine School, in the UK.

During that time I was privileged to help upskill trainee electro technical officers, and deck cadets, from companies around the world.

I am so proud to have worked with people from many countries, including Nigeria, India, Qatar, as well as the UK.

Examples of companies whose employees I have trained, include Carnival Cruises, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, and the UK Border Force.

I also trained electrical apprentices from organisations, such as the NHS, and industrial maintenance engineers.



Helping people
Breaking down inequalities
Helping people believe they can constantly improve themselves.
Challenge conventional processes & ways of thinking


Internationalist, with a belief in close friendship & cooperation between nations.
Believer in taking international best practice, and applying it to local communities. To constantly improve the lives of those who live in those local communities.
Adventurous spirit,..likes to try new & different things.
Curious,..likes to experiment & learn, even if I fail…its ok, as I learn.
Human rights….I don’t care where someone was born…I got lucky (being born in a safe & wealthy country), so think everyone should be treated equally, no matter where they were born.


If I punch you in the face, you are likely to punch back! Conversely, If I let your car out of a side street, you are then more likely to do the same for someone else, further down the road (it works).

Prefered business working environment:

Flat organisational structure
Laid back and friendly
Creative ideas valued, and encouraged
Everyone in the business genuinely valued……the dustman that collects the bins from the Prime Ministers house, is just as important as the prime Minister…..they are both part of a team……remove one, and the system breaks down.

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Twitter: @acraigmiles

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Website: https://craigmiles.co.uk

RF communications, with 30 years total experience, including embedded wireless electronics, NATO Satellite & ground system reliability & maintainibility, and terrestrial line of sight VHF / UHF radio communications.

Experienced PGCE qualified trainer / teacher / lecturer.

Apprentice training experience including International students, Marine Engineers from cruise ship companies, UK Border Force personnel, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, factory apprentices, and NHS electrical maintenance trainees.

My experience includes embedded electronics, satellite and terrestrial RF communications, mechanical systems, and teaching.

As director of Yesway Ltd, I am experienced in business management and operations.

Previous NATO level security cleared, working for International defence space company.

Like walking, people, and animals (though not necessarily in that order).

I work in RF Systems & Electrical Training, offering a worldwide service. I am proud of my numerous happy clients who have improved their theory knowledge, practised vocational maintenance skills on real machinery, built their confidence, and met their career ambitions.

My advanced 30 years of knowledge of Wireless & Electrical enhanced by a 20-year experience in Education and a passion for helping people, have also brought me to creating YESWAY COMMUNICATIONS which serves a global client base.

My career began in marine electrical systems manufacturing.
After gaining experience, I decided to expand my professional horizons and earned a science degree & masters level post graduate certificate in education (PGCE).

My aim was to deepen understanding of electrical & wireless systems, and learn to communicate (teach) it for the benefit of others, making me dedicated to improving life quality on an individual and professional level for others. This is also the aim of the creative engineering blog.

Experience also includes working for embedded electronics development company, as well as large multi-national business in defence aerospace sector, working on NATO projects. Have held previous NATO level security clearance.

Random stuff about me:

Once part of a team of 7 in a raft race. The other six quit during the race, but I refused, and completed the course alone. Was knackered at end though.

Wrote first website, in HTML, in 1997

Currently based in the UK, but have a nomadic heart.

Why not get in touch (via Social Media links), I don’t usually bite.

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