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Random stuff about me:

Left school at 16, worked in electronics.

Once got a business idea while being chatted up by a lady in  a bar in Thailand (I politely declined her offer).

After first job, moved into Telecoms.

Then, Got a degree in Telecoms & Marketing

Once part of a team of 7 in a raft race. The other six quit during the race, but I refused, and completed the course alone. Was knackered at end though.

Worked for an international aerospace company, and the worlds oldest (and best) marine training school, doing proper engineering stuff.

Wrote first website, in HTML, in 1997, after buying a book on it to help get over a breakup (yes really).


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Twitter: acraigmiles

2 days ago
Wondering if anyone's attempted 'lashing' multiple drones to a lightweight frame, to lift a human yet? Could be fun! 🙂 #drones #danger
3 days ago
Just found a project rescued from parents garage, that I started 24 years ago, Eck! Hopefully finally complete tonight 🙂 #electronics acraigmiles photo
3 days ago
philippe starck on claudio luti's vision for kartell + the luxury of plastic
5 days ago
Pretty sure that my state pension retirement age was 65 when I started work, now gone up AGAIN (yesterday) to 68! #jokesgonefarenough
5 days ago
Been to 'Hull and back' this morning, and enjoyed every minute😀 #Hull #Hull2017


Instagram:  mrcraigmiles

4 weeks ago
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