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Craig Miles
Aim High & be your best!

Random stuff about me:

Left school at 16,  did one year of electronics at college, then worked in marine electronics manufacturing industry.

Once got a business idea while being chatted up by a lady in  a bar in Thailand (I politely declined her offer).

After first job, moved into  Wireless Telecoms.

Then got a  degree in Telecoms & Marketing.

Once part of a team of 7 in a raft race. The other six quit during the race, but I refused, and completed the course alone. Was knackered at end though.

Previously  worked at Europes leading international aerospace company, and also the worlds premier marine training school, doing proper engineering stuff.

Wrote first website, in HTML, in 1997, after buying a book on it to help get over a breakup (yes really).

Currently based in the UK, but have a nomadic heart.

Why not get in touch, I don’t usually bite.


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11 hours ago
Used one of my own photographs, taken on the Isle of Lewis , as the background to this Audrey Hepburn motivational quote. Hope you like it. #motivational acraigmiles photo
2 weeks ago
On a social media 'digital detox' from today, If you want to contact me, phone or email! #NoMoreTwitterAndFacebookEtcForAtLeastAMonth
2 weeks ago
Just completed an NHS satisfaction survey questionnaire that I was sent by post, about my GP and Dentist. They are both staffed by excellent people, so gave them both great reviews🙋‍♂️🙂
3 weeks ago
Internet was down, so decided to write a short blog post for yesway ltd, while I was waiting.

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