So what now?

I did my TEDx talk last Sunday.

My talk, which could possibly be described as a passionate ramble at times, was for a reason.

That reason is the desire to help the unconnected.

Currently, it is estimated according to the ITU, that 2.6 Billion people are not connected to the Internet.

Another statistic, again estimated is that there are 263 Million Children and youths aged between 6 and 17 years old, without a school to attend.

263 Million is the estimate by UNESCO, in their 2018 report, but it’s only an estimate.

So what can we do about this situation?

How can we both connect those 2.6 Billion and also provide education for the 263 Million?

Let’s look at the options for Internet connectivity first of all.

Hers TEDx version 2, which was an interview about the idea. Version 1 was the traditional stand up version.

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