5G IOT Benefits For Society

Opportunities 5G IOT (Internet of Things) brings a number of benefits and new opportunities to the business world, allowing new business opportunities. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile phone technology, which originally started with the analogue TACS system, back in the 1980s. Although data SIM cards for IOT applications are already available for use […]

Things Network Gateway Diy Build

What is the Things Network The Things Network originated in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2015. The idea was to create a crowd funded Internet of Things network, that was open to the public. The network uses LoraWAN spread spectrum wireless technology to enable data from environmental sensors, to get onto the Internet. The network has quickly […]


Main features of LPWAN Technologies Low power RF technology Low current consumption, therefore long battery life Wide area coverage, compared with other technologies like Bluetooth Wifi. Lower cost than mobile networks, such as 5G Enable wireless connectivity of remote ‘field’ sensors to internet gateway devices. A key component in the internet of things. Suitable for […]

Railway Global System for Mobile Communications GSM-R

Railway Global System for Mobile Communications GSM-R The railway Global System for Mobile Communications is also known as GSM-R & ‘GSM-Railway’.GSM-R Global System for Mobile Communications) is an international standard, covering railway communications.It is a sub-system of the European Rail Traffic Management System, or ERTMS .ERTMS is used for communication between trains and the railway […]