Internet of Things consultant services for business.

The Internet of Things or IOT for short is the connection of machines, sensors and objects to the Internet cloud.

I can help your business with the Internet of Things consultant services by researching, designing and implementing solutions, tailored to your business.

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Connecting existing industrial machinery to local servers, or the cloud is something I can help with.

An example of a common piece of machinery in a factory, is the three-phase induction motor.

Induction motors can be connected to monitoring networks, to create Smart Factories.

Having early warning of potential problems with the induction motor can save a costly breakdown later.

This is known as Predictive Maintenance.

Parameters that can be monitored, include motor vibration.

Without smart sensors monitoring the induction motor, the vibration could go unnoticed.

Likely causes of vibration in an induction motor is worn or damaged bearings.

The bearings in an induction motor allow the motor shaft to rotate.

Worn bearings in a non smart factory would only become apparent, when immediate attention is required.

Replacement of worn bearings necessitates machine ‘down time’, which is costly.

The Internet of Things can help monitor induction motor condition, and therefore reduce expensive downtime.

Wireless versus wired connection.

For short localised connection, wired connections are easy to set up, and cheap.

However for longer distances between sensor and network, wireless radio links make sense.

The wireless technology that is most suitable, will depend on the industrial scenario.

Possible wireless technologies suitable for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) include Bluetooth, WiFi & LoraWAN.

Factors which determine the most suitable wireless link technology include amount, speed and type of data to be transmitted.

For example if the requirement is to transmit live CCTV, then low data rate wireless technologies such as LoraWAN, wouldn’t be suitable.




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