Bluetooth Integration into existing factory machinery is possible.

By connecting a factories existing machines wirelessly to networks, smart factories can be created.

Integrating Bluetooth is an option for wirelessly Connecting machines to the Cloud.

Smart factories need to be able to closely monitor parameters, such as vibration and current of induction motors.

This allows the creation of Predictive Maintenance systems.

Using a wireless link to transfer data, rather than cables, saves installation time and cost.

Bluetooth is not the only wireless technology that can be used for smart factory integration.

The choice of the most suitable wireless link technology depends on a number of factors.

For example if long range, low data rate communication was required, then technologies such as LoraWAN might be better.

It is a myth however that Bluetooth is only suitable for short range communication.

Distances of up to a Kilometre are realistically possible.

Another option is to use the mesh version of the technology.

Mesh networks can send the signal over a wide area, by ‘passing through’ the separate nodes within range.

This can create a long distance network of connected nodes.

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