Product Design Process

The product design process can be applied to any product type.


In the initial stages a brief will be produced.

The brief is basically what you want the product design to achieve.

For example when I worked in the Space Industry, our core product was military defence satellites

Without giving away UK or NATO secrets, the product was a satellite that was launched into a geosynchronous orbit, to provide secure communications.

Therefore the basic ‘Brief’ document detailed an outline of what the system should actually do.


The Second stage in the design process is research.

Is the product feasible and viable.

Does the technology exist, to be able to make the product brief a reality.

Another consideration is whether there is consumer demand for the product design.

Market research can help companies understand consumer tastes and attitudes to a product design.

design process

Product Specification

Once research has proved that there is demand and the ability to produce the product, then the specification is drawn up.

The specification contains detailed information about the product to be produced.

Examples of the information include dimensions, materials, electrical performance etc.

Obviously the specification will change with every individual product that is designed.

Therefore not all specifications will contain exactly the same types of information. A plastic doll, may not contain electronics, so will have no ‘operating voltage’.








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