What Motivates You (Passions)

I regularly ask myself the question ‘what motivates me in life’.

So far have always ‘heard’ back the same voice in my head, telling me the answer.

The answer that the voice in my head tells me, is three things:-

  1. Property
  2. Adventure
  3. Travel

I am happy and motivated when at least one of the three above motivations are present.

My main long term career has been in teaching technical subjects.

On the face of it that may not sound like it fits in with any of my three motivations (passions), but teaching can provide both adventure and travel. This is why my teaching career has been so successful.

I have also been involved in Bulgarian property investment, which ticks all three motivations, as there was the buying and selling of property.

There was also the adventure of traveling to a new country, and experiencing a new culture, including staying in ordinary Bulgarians houses.

Successfully Buying and selling property, setting up bank accounts and learning the language were also amazing experiences.

What Motivates You Then?

Have you asked yourself what motivates you?

In this culture, we are told in radio adverts and the media, that we are busy.

I know people who actually feel guilty if they aren’t constantly busy and doing things.

Its true that we are always doing something, but taking time to relax and listen to your inner quiet voice is surely worthwhile.

As I previously said, I asked myself what motivates me, and got the answer back, from my quiet inner voice.

Why not try it for yourself.

Just ask yourself the question over a few weeks, and listen to the answer.

For me it has been worthwhile, as I now have a decision template, that I can check new potential decisions against.

These are my ideas, and you may have other (even better) ideas, so get in touch and share.


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