Coronavirus pandemic detection could be improved using already existing tools at our disposal.

Nearly everyone in the developed world has a smartphone, or

Most smartphones use the Google Android system, which like its Apple competitor, has voice search capabilities.

Amazon and others also have their home smart speaker systems (Alexa).

Voice search is built in already, and is triggered by trigger words, such as ‘Hey Google’.

As most of the world already has voice search technology, it can be used to detect coronavirus.

What tech companies need to do, is modify the algorithm that detects existing trigger words.

The voice search system modification that I imagine, would detect peoples coughs.

Using AI, the system could ideally differentiate between normal coughs, and the sound of a potential Cough caused by Corona-virus.

Even if a quicker to develop and deploy system that detected all coughs, was used, it would still be useful data for tackling coronavirus.

The ‘cough data’ can be sent to local authorities and health responders, who would then know who is potentially at risk, or suffering illness.

This in my humble opinion is a better solution than the one that Israel has apparently introduced. My reason for saying this is because the system that countries such as Israel, USA, UK etc are considering using, identifies ‘historical’ links (via smartphone and internet data) between those diagnosed with coronovirus, and those they have been in contact with, in the past.

The weakness of that approach, is that some people will contract coronavirus, due to exposure to others, but only experience mild symptoms.

If the virus gets really bad, it may be necessary to allow those with the virus, but not experiencing illness, to carry on working in some industries.

By instead using voice search, authorities get up to date live data on who is ill and where.

The voice search coronavirus detection idea, would also provide data on people nearby, who may not own a mobile phone, as their cough would trigger smartphones nearby.

In developing countries, where smartphone ownership is not so widespread, the use of so called ‘smart speakers’, such as Amazons ‘Alexa’ system could solve this.

An Alexa type system, connected to high sensitivity microphones, and deployed in towns and villages, could give local & national authorities an idea of corona virus spread.

These are my thoughts / ideas to help our global response to Coronavirus.

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