Life as an NHS Deep Cleaner During Lockdown

Life as an NHS Deep Cleaner during lockdown has been very interesting.

I became an NHS Deep Cleaner, due to Coronavirus.

Prior to the lockdown, I was running Yesway Communications’, which specialises in RF Communications systems and services.

The two main income streams for yesway, are sales of two-way radio equipment to industrial users, and event equipment hire.

Both income streams were affected during following the announcement of the lockdown, especially event hire!

Therefore I decided to look for temporary work, in order to give me some ‘breathing space’ to think.

I saw a couple adverts back in late March, which seemed promising.

The first was to work for the coop, at one of there stores.

The Coop, like many other supermarkets, were recruiting extra staff to cope with the corona virus situation.

The second job that I applied for, was with my local NHS trust, and was labelled ‘Covid19 Temporary support worker’.

I was lucky to get both jobs that I applied for, and started at the Coop on April 1st 2020.

The NHS position took longer to come through, but I was emailed my contract on 12th April 2020.

After successfully completing an enhanced DBS (disclosure & barring service) background check, I started my training.

The initial training was completed online, due to Covid, and included infection control, diversity training, health and safety etc.

Once this was completed, I was invited up the the Lincoln Hospital site, for a final two hours of training, and to collect my NHS staff badge.

The first working week at the hospital, as a deep cleaner, was ‘full on’!

After collecting our uniforms, we headed for one of the MEAU wards.

MEAU is short for ‘Medical Emergency Assessment Unit’, and had been emptied of patients (including Covid patients), ready for ‘deep Cleaning’.

What is Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is carried out less frequently than regular hospital cleaning.

I suppose you could call it ‘forensic cleaning’, as you literally take furniture apart, to ensure no trace of dirt is left.

On the first day the experienced permanent deep cleaning staff quickly instructed us, on what to do.

They also pointed out when we had missed something.


This blog post will be expanded, when I have more time.  Come back soon.


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