Supermarket Automation Improvement Using Robotics & IOT

Why Most Supermarket Automation Systems are Currently Rubbish! Supermarket automation is something I had not thought about, until coronavirus lockdown. This changed shortly after the start of lockdown when I got a job at a local supermarket. Having been employed there for nearly four months from 1st April, through to late July, allowed me to […]

Garden Design Lighting using Lorawan

Garden design lighting is often used to enhance the visual appeal of gardens, and can be improved further using LoraWAN. LoraWAN is a wireless communications technology, used to send data between devices. Advantages of LoraWAN for garden design is its long range, and low power consumption. The advantages of LoraWAN long range are pretty obvious, […]

Life as an NHS Deep Cleaner During Lockdown

Life as an NHS Deep Cleaner during lockdown has been very interesting. I became an NHS Deep Cleaner, due to Coronavirus. Prior to the lockdown, I was running Yesway Communications’, which specialises in RF Communications systems and services. The two main income streams for yesway, are sales of two-way radio equipment to industrial users, and […]

Smart Wine Glass

I Need More Wine – Wireless Sensing Smart Wine Glass Benefits of I need more wine: Automatic monitoring of diners who need more drink, using smart wine glass technology Notification of ‘idle’ glasses, that are ready for collection Opportunity for happier customers Opportunity for increased drink sales revenue Save employee time, monitoring restaurant tables* I […]

Drone Trucks The Future Road Ahead

Why have Potholes! This blog post is about my ideas for the future road ahead. Roads as we know them today, have been around for millennia, in one shape or form. Although they are probably better than they have ever been, from a historical perspective, they are not perfect. Heavy traffic levels, combined with restricted […]

Reimagining The Road Of The Future

Reimagining the road of the future, will improve on current road space efficiency. The M1 motorway in the Uk now carries ten times the daily traffic, that it was originally designed for. The M1is Britain’s oldest motorway, and was opened in 1959. For those unfamiliar with the term ‘motorway’, it is similar to the autobahn, […]

5G IOT Benefits For Society

Opportunities 5G IOT (Internet of Things) brings a number of benefits and new opportunities to the business world, allowing new business opportunities. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile phone technology, which originally started with the analogue TACS system, back in the 1980s. Although data SIM cards for IOT applications are already available for use […]