What is design thinking all about?

The process of design thinking can be broken down into five steps:

The first step is known as the Empathize stage. During this stage, the products intended users needs are researched.

The research involves getting to know the users wants, needs and objectives.

This is achieved by observing people and talking with them.

By engaging with people (desired users), you can understand them on a psychological and emotional level.

The designer should set aside all assumptions and preconceptions, thus allowing a real user insight to be gained.

Stage two of the process involved defining your user’s needs and problems.

The third stage of the design process is the Ideate stage. The purpose of this stage is to challenge assumptions and create ideas.

Stage four is the prototype stage, where you start to create solutions.

Finally, in stage five, you try out the solutions that you have come up with during the prototype stage.




Published by Craig Miles

Craig Miles