Passions & Values:

Helping people
Breaking down inequalities
Helping people believe they can constantly improve themselves.
Challenge conventional processes & ways of thinking


Internationalist, with a belief in close friendship & cooperation between nations.
Believer in taking international best practice, and applying it to local communities. To constantly improve the lives of those who live in those local communities.
Adventurous spirit,..likes to try new & different things.
Curious,..likes to experiment & learn, even if I fail…its ok, as I learn.
Human rights….I don’t care where someone was born…I got lucky (being born in a safe & wealthy country), so think everyone should be treated equally, no matter where they were born.


If I punch you in the face, you are likely to punch back! Conversely, If I let your car out of a side street, you are then more likely to do the same for someone else, further down the road (it works).

Preferred business working environment:

Flat organisational structure
Laid back and friendly
Creative ideas valued, and encouraged
Everyone in the business genuinely valued……the dustman that collects the bins from the Prime Ministers house, is just as important as the prime Minister…..they are both part of a team……remove one, and the system breaks down.

Update 2022

I initially started writing this post in November 2020.

Since November 2020, I have continued to grow in wisdom and life reflexion.

Last night I watched a Linkedin video.

The Linkedin video featured Karen Brady.

Karen Brady talked about how she had asked herself at an early age, what her values were.

Although I was watching via subtitles, this talk had a big impact.

She explained that once you identify your values, that you have a strong foundation and career roadmap.

This is powerful stuff, and has made me reflect and meditate further.

Sleep on It

Sleep for me has a great meditatitive effect.

Great insights into my core desires come to me upon waking.

Some would call this gut feeling, but its powerful.

Previously my dreams and sleep have correctly identified future changes in the economy.

They have also given me notification of a death of a family member that same night.

Its personal

So what are my personal values.

Having slept and reflected on this question I have some answers.



The two words above are what resonates with me the most.

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