My passion is vocational education and helping others to succeed, including marine electrical training online.

I formerly worked in marine electrical training, as a marine electrical lecturer and trainer at South Shields Marine School, in the UK.

During that time I was privileged to help upskill trainee electro technical officers, and deck cadets, from companies around the world.

I am so proud to have worked with people from many countries, including Nigeria, India, Qatar, as well as the UK.

Examples of companies whose employees I have trained, include Carnival Cruises, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, and the UK Border Force.

I also trained electrical apprentices from organisations, such as the NHS, and industrial maintenance engineers.

I work in RF Systems & Electrical Training, offering worldwide service. I am proud of my numerous happy clients who have improved their theory knowledge, practised vocational maintenance skills on real machinery, built their confidence, and met their career ambitions.


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