Positive Thinking, Optimism & Success

After listening to Tony Robins, and other success gurus on youtube, I have decided to create my own optimism and success blog.

If you don’t know who Tony Robins is, I well recommend that you check out his videos on youtube.

Be selective about who you follow

I rate his advice, because he has helped top athletes and company directors, as well as a president of the USA (Bill Clinton).

Other people I listen to are the late Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie, and Bob Proctor.

In the case of Bob Proctor, he is very much still alive, and prior to becoming a success in the ‘self help’ industry, had built up a international cleaning business.

I think it is important to be selective in who’s advice you listen too, as it seems to me that there are a lot of ‘self help success’ types, that are successful for talking about success.

Bob Proctor had created a ‘real’ business prior to entering the self help industry, and therefore I respect him more for it.

Model success

Tony Robins often talks about ‘modeling success’.

Modeling Success basically means emulating the actions of people who are already successful in an area of life (such as business), that you also wish to be successful in.

For example, if you wanted to be a stock broker, you would study how a successful stock broker acted, talked, even how they stood. Basically acting like the type of person that you wish to become, acts.

Avoid The News

Knowing what is happening in the world around you is important, however it is all too easy to become totally immersed in the in-depth analysis and discussion, that often follows the headlines.

In the age of Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter, it is tempting to add your opinion to the events of the day.

This in my experience makes you feel less happy, as other people online have different views of the world, and you can quickly find yourself in an argument.

This raises your stress levels, and lowers your happiness levels.

Avoid Social Media

Recently I read an  online article by the guardian newspaper which interviewed a number of people who had given up using social media.

The group interviewed, ranged in ages from 17 to 25 years old.

They all reported feeling happier, and getting more done, as they were not comparing themselves to others, and being under pressure to portray having a great life, all the time.

Yesterday (9th January 2018) I decided to do the same for a month.


My planned month off social media (which may become permanent) will be offset by an increase in exercise, as I will have more time.

Today I am planning to walk to the office and back,  which is approximately five miles each way.

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