HC06 is a Bluetooth module.

The module is cheaply available from a number of online retailers.

Todays holiday project was to control an LED, using Bluetooth.

For those new to electronics, LED is short for Light Emitting Diode.

Its also worth explaining what a Diode does.

A Diode acts like a one way valve for electricity.

Electricity is free to flow in one direction, but is blocked from flowing the other way.

This is used in circuits such as power supplies.

In power supplies the AC Alternating Current is converted using Diodes into DC, or Direct Current.

LEDs differ from standard Diodes, in that they produce light as well.

For this project we just want to use the LEDs for their ability to light up.

The parts list for this project consisted of:

An Arduino Uno, a HC06 Bluetooth Module, connecting wires, an LED, a 220 Ohm resistor.

HC06 Bluetooth Circuit
HC06 with Arduino

Once the circuit was connected together, the Arduino was loaded with C++ software that I found on the internet.

An app was also installed on my Android phone.

Using the app, it uses the phones bluetooth to switch the HC06.

The LED can therefore be turned on an off.


More in depth details to be added soon….











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