What is DRACAS

DRACAS stands for Data Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System.

It is used within defence aerospace, and other sectors.

It is a closed loop data system.

A database is produced containing the relevant information.

Why do we use it

We use this tool for reporting and analysis of systems.

The systems can be any product which could fail in service.

Examples of products include communication satellites, ground stations, and ships generators.

Database software is used to record information about incidents, and corrective actions.

An example of an incident would be the failure of a modem unit, in a geosynchronous communications satellite.

As the name suggests, corrective actions are the steps which are taken to improve and modify the design, to improve reliability.

One of the reasons for using DRACAS is to provide confidence to stakeholders.

Stakeholders include management and the customers of the organisation.

Confidence can be established, by using the database information collected, to show that the theoretical analysis is accurate.

Confidence can also be improved by providing reasurance in the safety features of the system.

Continual improvement management is improved through using the database.

This is done through tracking, recording and resolving fault issues.







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