Electrical Safety Awareness Training Courses

Electrical Safety Training is something I am passionate about, as its a matter of life and death.

Having trained many people in electrical installation and maintenance, including UK Border Force, and NHS apprentices, I know how important it is.

Ive also unfortunately seen some near misses, whilst working for employers, in a non training role.

The first incident I saw was due to a flooded basement corridor and locker room.

The flood water was due to a burst water tank, on a floor above.

A team of about twenty staff, were clearing the water.

The clear the water, staff used mops and buckets, as well as machinery.

The machinery consisted of ride on machines that sucked up water.

The first issue was that these machines were mains powered.

This meant that the plug was connected to an extension cable.

The extension cable was not waterproof, and as the machine moved forward, was being dragged into water.

Water is a conductor of electricity, so this could potentially be fatal.







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