Deciding on Electric Vehicle Conversion Performance

Performance of the Electric Vehicle conversion is my next consideration in the electric Alfa GTV project. The standard 2 litre ‘twin spark’ engine in the factory standard Alfa GTV, propels the car to sixty miles and hour in just over 8 seconds. Increasing performance is one of my objectives for the project, in addition to […]

Advantages of Electric Car Conversion

What is Electric car Conversion The advantages of electric car conversion, mean that more people are becoming interested, but what is it. Electric car conversion is the removal of the petrol or diesel internal combustion engine, and replacement with an electric motor.   Advantages of Electric car Conversion The advantages of electric car conversion include […]

Electric Alfa GTV – Electric Motor Conversion Choices

So far in my previous blog post, I talked about the history of the Alfa Romeo (916) GTV. I also talked about my intention to convert into an electric vehicle. In this blog post we will look at the various types of electric motors commonly used in electric vehicle conversions. DC or AC Electric Motors? […]