Walkie Talkie on Grass Lawn advert effectiveness examination

As a small business owner, who loves marketing I often design our own advert publicity material. The Photo advert of the Walkie Talkie on a grass lawn was taken by me using a Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Camera. So why did I think it was a good idea to put a walkie talkie on a […]

Transformers – The Different Types of Electrical Transformers

Transformers The Different Types of Transformers Transformers either ‘step up’ or ‘step down’ AC voltage. They do do by magnetic induction. Step Down types reduce the voltage coming out, compared to the voltage going in. These are the most common type. Step Up types have a higher output voltage than an input voltage. These are […]

How to Reverse the Direction of a Three Phase Induction Motor

How to reverse the direction of a three-phase induction motor. Reversing the direction of a three phase Induction Motor is useful in a number of situations. For example in a electric winch or elvevator (lift), there is a requirement for the motor to reverse. To reverse a three phase induction motor, swap over any two […]

Phasing Out – Three Phase Induction Motors – on ships

Phasing out a Three Phase Induction motor, onboard ships (or on land)  is the process of identifying both ends of each of the three stator coils (3 phase motor). 'Phasing Out' pic.twitter.com/RMLqyjbs0u — Craig Miles (@acraigmiles) October 17, 2016

What have Oranges got to do with Radios?

pic.twitter.com/T8tdVmbur3 — Craig Miles , City & Guilds, PGCE etc (@acraigmiles) October 17, 2016 I once read an article by an educational research group that stated that students would retain facts better if two UNRELATED objects were put together in the picture. Based on this article I decided to put fresh oranges in the background […]

Electrical fault finding Experience

Fault Finding Experience Experience of electrical fault finding Marine electrical & electronic systems (both practical & also teaching electro-technical officers &  Cadets in Marine Industry. Marine permit to Work Procedures. Fault finding of Single & Three Phase electrical systems used both on Marine environments (Insulated Neutral), and land based Star & Delta based systems. Experience […]