Ai Teachers.

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence.

AI has the ability to revolutionise teaching and education.

It also has a role to play in meeting the SDG4 goal.

The SDG4 goal is short for Sustainable Development Goal 4.

Sustainable Development Goal 4, is a United Nation initiative, to provide ‘Quality Education’ for all of the worlds people.

So how does AI help achieve Quality Education for all?

AI education chatbots can be tailored to respond to an individual learner.

AI can also learn via the actions of the user (the students), and tailor the teaching and learning experience delivered.

This ability of AI to provide individualised teaching, based on monitoring, is important for SDG4.

It is important because there is a shortage of teachers worldwide.

And millions of children don’t even go to school!

Imagine a new way.

Imagine students with smart phones, connected via LEO Satellites, direct to their handset, anywhere in the world.

Imagine students with a personal learning device (app & smartphone), able to not only teach, but to adapt that teaching style and content, based on user inputs.

The current schools model is broken, certainly in the UK.

At the same time its surely morally right that every child has the access to education, to level the field, to give everyone a chance.

Therefore we have the chance to reimagine our schools, as we enter this new AI era.

New schools where there are currently none.

And a new educational environment, in schools worldwide, where AI helps ‘know’ the child, based on device interaction.

I’m not saying teaching in its current form is redundant, but that we can improve student engagement, and attainment progress, using AI.

Further Thoughts

Current teaching in schools, is not an optimal education experience.

Its not an optimal experience for many of the children in each class.

This is because of individual educational needs.

Individual educational needs include ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism.

They also include a hidden issue.

The hidden issue affecting individual educational needs, is family, life events and environment.

As a teacher, I’ve seen this first hand.

We aren’t robots, and life affects us.

Life events therefore affect the students ability to learn.

If your parents are getting divorced, for example, that is often likely have an emotional effect on a child.

Life events occurring outside school, can have an affect on lesson focus and concentration.

So how can we improve the situation?

AI chatbots and personalised education through AI Teachers, will help.

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Craig Miles

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