What your Microwave Oven has in common with your WIFI

Radio Waves What does your microwave oven have in common with your WIFI connection? The short answer is radio waves. A microwave oven operates by bombarding the food with high frequency radio waves. A device called a Magnetron bombards focused electromagnetic waves at the food inside the microwave Oven. This works by heating the molecules […]

Preventive Maintenance For Electric Motors

Preventative Maintenance Preventive maintenance programmes  are the key to reliable, long-life operation of electric motors.Whilst AC Induction Motors are particularly reliable in service, almost all electrical equipment requires periodic planned inspection and maintenance. Planned preventative maintenance ensures electrical motors, and starters are kept in good working condition at all times. This is critical for businesses […]

Deciding on Electric Vehicle Conversion Performance

Performance of the Electric Vehicle conversion is my next consideration in the electric Alfa GTV project. The standard 2 litre ‘twin spark’ engine in the factory standard Alfa GTV, propels the car to sixty miles and hour in just over 8 seconds. Increasing performance is one of my objectives for the project, in addition to […]

Railway Global System for Mobile Communications GSM-R

Railway Global System for Mobile Communications GSM-R The railway Global System for Mobile Communications is also known as GSM-R & ‘GSM-Railway’.GSM-R Global System for Mobile Communications) is an international standard, covering railway communications.It is a sub-system of the European Rail Traffic Management System, or ERTMS .ERTMS is used for communication between trains and the railway […]

Induction Motor Servicing Tips For Ships & Factories

Induction Motor Servicing. Induction motors are used widely in factories and on ships. They are very reliable machines, but faults can develop over time. That is why you need Induction motor servicing to be carried out. Potential faults include burnt out Stator windings, worn bearings, and water damage which causes low insulation resistance. This article […]

Advantages of Electric Car Conversion

What is Electric car Conversion The advantages of electric car conversion, mean that more people are becoming interested, but what is it. Electric car conversion is the removal of the petrol or diesel internal combustion engine, and replacement with an electric motor.   Advantages of Electric car Conversion The advantages of electric car conversion include […]

Minimalist Living Decision to make my life simpler and happier

Discovering Minimalist Living Yesterday I came across a fascinating youtube video on minimalist living, and de-cluttering your life. The woman on the TED talk was explaining how she felt happier by getting rid of all of her items, and moving abroad. Well that’s a bit extreme for many people, and I am not sure that […]

School for the World is a Great Idea

Why a World School is a Great Idea Education is a fundamental right in many developed nations, but many world citizens miss out entirely. A report from the ‘Global Campaign for Education’ (https://www.campaignforeducation.org/en/)  in 2010, claimed that there are 70 Million Children that miss out on an Education. The lack of an education does not […]