What is MQTT Used For in IOT? MQTT is short for MQ Telemetry Transport, and is a messaging protocol used in the Internet Of Things (IOT) systems. It is very simple and lightweight messaging protocol, designed for devices with limited processing power and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. MQTT was designed to minimise network bandwidth […]

Sensors for the Internet of Things – a guide

Sensors for the Internet of Things – a guide Sensors are one of three main components of an Internet of Things, or IOT for short, system. The first stage in an IOT system, are the sensors, which collect the environmental data. Using automatic IOT Sensors , not only saves employing staff to manually take readings, […]

What Is Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 is a phrase that you will increasing hear in business manufacturing, but what exactly is it? According to Wikipedia it is the following:- “Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing. Industry 4.0 creates […]

Internet of Things Training Courses

IOT – Internet of Things Training Courses I have been involved in technical training for many years, and for the last couple of years have been involved with the Internet Of Things. The Internet of Things, or IOT for short is part fo the next Internet revolution. If you think of the first Internet revolution […]

Lorawan Server

What is lorawan Lorawan is a wireless wide area network technology, based on Lora  narrowband  Spread Spectrum technology. What Does a Lorawan Server Do A lorawan server is in the Internet Cloud, and processes data received from  remote field sensors (measuring environmental factors), which are known as nodes. The data from the nodes is received […]

How to Build a Lorawan Gateway

What is  Lorawan First of all, what is Lorawan.  It is a wireless technology that allows small amounts of data to be sent between a remote sensor (such as a river level detector), and the Internet. Lorawan technology is very efficient at sending the sensor data over long distances, whilst consuming very little power. This […]

How can I make my diesel engine last a long time

How you can make your diesel engine last a long time Diesel engines can last for the life of your car or boat, with regular and cost effective maintenance. Changing the Oil Regularly Changing the engine oil on a regular basis is important in order to make your diesel engine last a long time. This […]

Fuses in Two Way Radio Installations

The importance of fuses in radio equipment power supplies A safe two-way radio equipment installation requires the ability to quickly disconnect the supply to the equipment, if a fault develops. Fuses are a cost effective solution, for equipment safety. What are Electrical Fuses Fuses are devices that protect equipment installations, from excess electrical current. Excess […]

How Does a Marine Diesel Engine Work

How does a marine diesel engine work Diesel engines are widely used in both road vehicles, and marine installations. But how do diesel engines work ? Marine diesels, and diesel engines in general are a ‘compression ignition engine’. Air is drawn into the cylinder, and then compressed. This compression of the air is caused by […]

Lorawan IOT Gateway construction

Lorawan- building an IoT  Gateway for the Things Network Lincoln Things Network I am the initiator of the Lincoln Things Network which is a worldwide crowd funded initiative, bringing lorawan wireless IOT (Internet of Things) to the world. The local Lincoln group which I founded can be found at The network receives environmental data […]