Advantages of Electric Car Conversion

What is Electric car Conversion The advantages of electric car conversion, mean that more people are becoming interested, but what is it. Electric car conversion is the removal of the petrol or diesel internal combustion engine, and replacement with an electric motor.   Advantages of Electric car Conversion The advantages of electric car conversion include […]

Minimalist Living Decision to make my life simpler and happier

Discovering Minimalist Living Yesterday I came across a fascinating youtube video on minimalist living, and de-cluttering your life. The woman on the TED talk was explaining how she felt happier by getting rid of all of her items, and moving abroad. Well that’s a bit extreme for many people, and I am not sure that […]

School for the World is a Great Idea

Why a World School is a Great Idea Education is a fundamental right in many developed nations, but many world citizens miss out entirely. A report from the ‘Global Campaign for Education’ (  in 2010, claimed that there are 70 Million Children that miss out on an Education. The lack of an education does not […]

Are you studying hard for your lifelong degree?

Why need to keep learning Whether you studied for a university degree, or vocational qualifications, it took hard work. Many hours of ‘hitting the books’, (or Internet browser) were involved. However what happened after you passed all your exams, and graduated. Some people of course go on, to study for higher qualifications, such as a […]

Electric Alfa GTV – Electric Motor Conversion Choices

So far in my previous blog post, I talked about the history of the Alfa Romeo (916) GTV. I also talked about my intention to convert into an electric vehicle. In this blog post we will look at the various types of electric motors commonly used in electric vehicle conversions. DC or AC Electric Motors? […]

Electric Morris Minor

This blog post is about my design suggestions for an electric Morris Minor. There have already been some prototype electric Morris Minor conversions already, which I will discuss. In addition I have designed alternative ways to successfully convert classic cars such as the Morris Minor. History & background The Morris Minor is a British car […]

Superyacht Radio New Competitor

The New Radio from Entel, could be the perfect Superyacht Radio. Expecting the best from all areas of life, including superyacht radio is something that owners of Superyachts expect, and demand. This not only encompasses yacht decor and culinary standards, but also the more subtle things too. There are literally thousands of radio communications suppliers […]

Tips for Replacing Car Brake Pads

Tips for Replacing Car Brake Pads My car recently failed its annual MOT inspection on worn front brake pads. Being an experienced engineer, and having even taught GCSE Motor Vehicle studies, I decided to do the work myself. The first issue was getting the locking wheel nuts off, as the key was slipping. A tip […]

Flying Transmitters – Part 1

Increasing radio coverage range Using Flying Transmitters Flying transmitters benefit radio communications at frequencies above 30 Mhz normally travel between transmitter and receiver, in what is known as ‘line of sight’. In other words they don’t bounce off the atmospheric layers, or the ground, as they can do below 30 Mhz. You may have noticed […]