What is Reliability Engineering – For Product Design

Reliability engineering is related to systems engineering ( as a subsystem). Reliability engineering is concerned with ensuring a product or component operates without failure, over a specified lifespan.

The role of a Reliability Engineer

The main role of a reliability engineer is to identify and manage potential risk factors to the reliability of a system.

For example, when I previously worked for an international defence aerospace company, I analysed the systems and subsystems of a space satellite, to identify potential failure weakness areas of the satellite’s design.



FMEA is short for Failure Mode & Effect Analysis



FMECA is short for Failure Modes Effects & Criticality Analysis


Def-Stan is short for defence standards.


DRACAS is short for Data Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System.


Nato codification gives a standard identification for parts and components.

In the UK the United Kingdom National Codification Bureau has sole responsibility for issuing NATO codification numbers. United Kingdom Codification Bureau – Home (mod.uk)


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