Satellite Integrated Logistics Support

Satellite Integrated Logistics Support is something I have worked in.

Integrated Logistics Support, or ILS for short, originated in the military, but is increasingly used in the commercial sector as well.

When I worked in ILS, is was for what is now Airbus Defence & Space.

Without going into specific details (I was security cleared), my work was concerned with satellite and ground station system reliability.

This involved analysing existing processes and a lot of data analysis.

NATO Codification

NATO codification is a system for ensuring part supply consistancy.

Nato codification numbers, are often abreviated to NCN.

A satellite component, with a particular NCN number, will be the same, even if made by a number of different manufacturers.

Therefore the NCN states an enginering standards specification.

This is important for NATO member states, as a UK manufactured waveguide for a satellite ground station, might also be made locally by a German company, for the German military.

Therefore it must be manufactured exactly to a set standard.

That is one point of NATO codification numbers.

Another reason that they are important in a satellite system, is for identification, within an ILS system.


DRACAS is short for Data Reporting Analysis & Corrective Action System.

DRACAS is held in a database, and contains data about components, and sub systems of the satellite system.

An example of a component part within a communications satellite, is the Modem (modulator / demodulator).

But the component could literally be a 5mm diameter hexagonal headed screw.

The NCN is the unique identifyer of the component, within the satellite system.

Logistics Support Analysis


Reliability & Maintainibility

Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis

Engineering data exploitation

Obselescence Management

Integrated Logistics Support Engineering

Technical Publications


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