Satellite frequency bands are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The part of the electromagnetic spectrum used for wireless communications.

The wireless radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum ranges from 3 kHz to 300 GHz.

Satellite frequency bands are classified as follows.


L-Band covers the frequency range between 1 – 2 GHz.

The most popular use of L-Band is for GPS.

GPS is short for Global Positioning System.

The Global Positioning System is what makes the satellite navigation in your car work.

Other Users

L-Band is also used for satellite mobile phones.

Companies such as Iridium, operate such services.


S-Band covers the frequency range between 2 – 4 GHz.


C-Band covers the frequencies between 4 – 8 GHz.


X-Band refers to the frequency range between 8 – 12 GHz.


Ku-Band covers frequencies between 12 – 18 GHz.


Ka-Band covers radio frequencies between 26 – 40 GHz

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