Satellite Communications started with Arthur C Clarke.

Arthur C Clarke wrote an article in 1945, about ‘Extra-terrestrial relays’

It wasnt long before his idea became reality.

Sputnik 1

Sputnik 1 was the first artificial satellite, launched into space.

It launched on 4th October 1957, and propelled the Space Race between the Soviet Union, and the USA.

In the case of Sputnik, it was a first for the former Soviet Union, but the Americans were not far behind.

The Sputnik consisted of a 58 cm diameter sphere, with four radio communication antennas attached.

The Sputniks transmitter produced only 1 Watt of RF Power.

This would of meant that large receive antennas, and sensitive receivers, were required on earth.

The transmitter broadcast radio pulses, which were recieved succesfully back down on earth.

Sputnik 1 succesfully stayed in space, for three months.


SCORE was the first purpose built communications satellite.

It is short for Signal Communications by Orbiting Relay Equipment.

It was able to relay voice communications.

Telstar 1

Telstar 1 was the first commercial communications satellite, and built by AT&T.

It launched in 1962, and carried the first transatlantic TV transmission.

To be continued

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