What have Oranges got to do with Radios?

I once read an article by an educational research group that stated that students would retain facts better if two UNRELATED objects were put together in the picture.

Based on this article I decided to put fresh oranges in the background of an advert idea for a Walkie-Talkie company.

The advert has not yet been widely published, or compared against other adverts in the same media publications. Therefore objective comparisons cannot be made, or measured.

I will update this post if the advert gets used.

The use of the words “Grab a pear of these” was deliberately chosen, as the eyes see oranges, and not Pears.

Humans notice unusual things like this. Its an orange, not a pear.

Want proof of what I just said; then imagine a green elf walking down the high street. You would probably notice it, as its not the ‘norm’.

If I then asked you to name the make of car that just drove past 30 seconds ago with two children in, you might well struggle. This is because it is normal for cars to pass by with children inside.

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