Do this to save electricity, and lower bills.

How to save electricity costs are on most peoples minds right now.

This article mainly focuses on the home, rather than industry.

Different electrical appliances use widely different amounts of electricity.

Knowing which are the expensive to run, can help reduce electricity usage and therefore bills.

KiloWatt Hours

Kilowatt hours are how electricity usage is measured, and is important.

Electricity is charged in KiloWatt Hours, or KW/H for short.

Utility bills state the cost of the electricity per KW/H.

Lets use the figure of 20 Pence per KW/H.

What this means is that if you use a KiloWatt of electricity for an hour, it will cost 20 Pence.

Not all Devices are Created Equally

A KiloWatt of electricity is the same as 1000 Watts.

Watts of electricity consumption is labelled on all electrical devices, such as Kettles, Radios, and Toasters.

Use the labels to identify dvices which are using lots of power.

As a general rule devices which heat using electricity, use more.

Heating devices include Kettles, Electric Ovens, Tumble Dryers & Dishwashers.

Tumble Dryers are one of the worst culprits for electricity consumption, as you are using electrically generated heat to dry clothes

Use high Wattage devices less.

Published by Craig Miles

Craig Miles