Tuition Personal Statement

Personal statement

I am in the probably rare position of having taught from KS2, up to mature students in the FE sector. I also have limited experience teaching in KS1 classrooms.

During five years working as a qualified teacher (QTS) for Hertfordshire County Council, I taught in 49 schools.

This was as a member of the council’s supply service and included long term teaching (at least a term), as well as short term cover.

I mainly worked in two secondary schools, and three primary schools, but also gained wide experience elsewhere.

It was a great privilege to be able to gain experience in every type of school.

This included EBD units (Emotional Behavioural Difficulties), Special Schools, Primary, Secondary, Single sex, Mixed Sex, and even the Private Schools.

More recently I worked in the FE sector, where I was lucky to train engineers from worldwide companies.

This further increased my experience of being sensitive to the differences in cultures from around the world.

For example, I taught trainee marine engineers from Nigeria and also India, as well as the UK.

My experience of teaching special needs education includes students with physical disabilities and learning disabilities.

My approach to individual tuition

One thing I have often found with reluctant learners is identifying the reason for their lack of interest is the first step.

Sometimes it’s because the initial approach to delivering the subject material doesn’t interest them.

Finding out what the individual student likes doing away from education, is a good first step to creating a differentiated lesson that interests them.

Another reason I have found is that students may be reluctant to engage with the curriculum, due to not understanding what’s being taught.

This initial lack of understanding may be due to additional learning challenges, such as ADHD or Autism.

Although I don’t have any formal diagnosis of SEN, I find it easy to relate, as I also found education a challenge. This occurred from primary school, through to University.

This personal understanding of how students will often try to cover up for learning difficulties helps plan differentiated approaches.

Plenty of students will tell you they understand, but once you ask them to explain the task or topic, they often don’t.

This is important to establish, as there are implications for self-esteem and possibly behaviour issues.


I achieved a secondary PGCE with QTS, as well as various STEM qualifications. These include City & Guilds Electronics Servicing, and MCA Marine Engine Maintenance.

Not all of my qualifications are listed, as this is very late in the day application, so have only entered my most relevant ones.

Industrial experience

My wide range of industry experience helps me with producing varied and interesting examples in my teaching and tuition.

Experience includes working for an international organisation, working in the Space sector.

Why I Became a Teacher

Basically, because I wanted to help those that get left behind, for various reasons.

My own school experience and grades were variable, to put it mildly.

With the right encouragement, I did dramatically better some years, than others.

I left at age 16 with a few CSE’s and O Levels.

It was after a few years of working, that I did a university access course in maths and engineering.

This subsequently led to a science honours degree and then PGCE.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of nurturing and encouraging good self-esteem, as a foundation for effective learning.

In my own case, it wasn’t until I was awarded a degree, that I really started to believe I wasn’t stupid!!!

I’ve come across so many students in the past that think they can’t achieve when they can with a different strategy.

It’s been quite a while since I have written a personal statement, so hopefully, this is the type of thing you are expecting.

I currently work for the NHS, in a support role, which I started at the beginning of lockdown….I just wanted to help out in a small way.

But teaching is what I like doing, as its helping others.

Lastly, I didn’t plan to be out of it for as long as I have but left my last job to be near my family and young son. My then part-time business suddenly then took over all my time, and a few years passed.

Thank you for your time, and for considering my application.

Yours faithfully

Craig Miles, BSc(Hon’s), PGCE

PS: Feel free to contact me anytime, with any questions on 07510 345115

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