Things Network Gateway Diy Build

What is the Things Network The Things Network originated in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2015. The idea was to create a crowd funded Internet of Things network, that was open to the public. The network uses LoraWAN spread spectrum wireless technology to enable data from environmental sensors, to get onto the Internet. The network has quickly […]

Lorawan Server

What is lorawan Lorawan is a wireless wide area network technology, based on Lora  narrowband  Spread Spectrum technology. What Does a Lorawan Server Do A lorawan server is in the Internet Cloud, and processes data received from  remote field sensors (measuring environmental factors), which are known as nodes. The data from the nodes is received […]

Lorawan IOT Gateway construction

Lorawan- building an IoT  Gateway for the Things Network Lincoln Things Network I am the initiator of the Lincoln Things Network which is a worldwide crowd funded initiative, bringing lorawan wireless IOT (Internet of Things) to the world. The local Lincoln group which I founded can be found at The network receives environmental data […]