What happens when you get a three phase Induction Motor wet

Flooded or Wet Induction Motors   First of all, try not to! When designing a marine of industrial installation, you need to consider the IP, or ingress protection rating of your Induction motor. By choosing a motor with a high enough IP rating, it is possible that when you submerge your Induction Motor, nothing will […]

Single Phasing In Three Phase Marine Induction Motors

Single Phasing Faults In Marine & Land Induction Motors Single phasing is the term used when one of the three stator windings in an induction motor is not ‘energised’. Three reasons for this happening in a Marine (& Land) environment are:- Mechanical vibration – causing the terminal nuts to become loose, and therefore disconnecting a […]

Tips for Servicing Marine & Land Based Induction Motors

Safety & Isolation of supply of induction motors. Taking a casual approach to electricity can prove fatal. This is especially true when we are talking about three-phase motors, as they operate in the UK & EU at 400 Volts Alternating Current (400 VAC). Marine installations typically operate at an even higher 440 Volt Alternating Current […]

Transformers – The Different Types of Electrical Transformers

Transformers The Different Types of Transformers Transformers either ‘step up’ or ‘step down’ AC voltage. They do do by magnetic induction. Step Down types reduce the voltage coming out, compared to the voltage going in. These are the most common type. Step Up types have a higher output voltage than an input voltage. These are […]

How to Reverse the Direction of a Three Phase Induction Motor

How to reverse the direction of a three-phase induction motor. To reverse a three phase induction motor, swap over any two of the three ‘phase’ connections in the motor terminal connection box. Warning:  Only attempt to do this if you have been trained, as over 400 volts is involved.  Also obtain all necessary ‘Permit To […]

Electrical fault finding Experience

Fault Finding Experience Experience of fault finding Marine electrical & electronic systems (both practical & also teaching electro-technical officers &  Cadets in Marine Industry. Marine permit to Work Procedures. Fault finding of Single & Three Phase electrical systems used both on Marine environments (Insulated Neutral), and land based Star & Delta based systems. Experience of […]