Bluetooth Integration Services Smart Factories

Bluetooth Integration into existing factory machinery is possible. By connecting a factories existing machines wirelessly to networks, smart factories can be created. Integrating Bluetooth is an option for wirelessly Connecting machines to the Cloud. Smart factories need to be able to closely monitor parameters, such as vibration and current of induction motors. This allows the […]

Induction Motor Servicing Tips For Ships & Factories

Induction Motor Servicing. Induction motors are used widely in factories and on ships. They are very reliable machines, but faults can develop over time. That is why you need Induction motor servicing to be carried out. Potential faults include burnt out Stator windings, worn bearings, and water damage which causes low insulation resistance. This article […]

Lorawan Server

What is lorawan Lorawan is a wireless wide area network technology, based on Lora  narrowband  Spread Spectrum technology. What Does a Lorawan Server Do A lorawan server is in the Internet Cloud, and processes data received from  remote field sensors (measuring environmental factors), which are known as nodes. The data from the nodes is received […]

How to Build a Lorawan Gateway

What is Lorawan First of all, what is Lorawan. It is a wireless technology that allows small amounts of data to be sent between a remote sensor (such as a river level detector), and the Internet. Lorawan technology is very efficient at sending the sensor data over long distances, whilst consuming very little power. This […]

How Does a Marine Diesel Engine Work

How does a marine diesel engine work Diesel engines are widely used in both road vehicles, and marine installations. But how do diesel engines work ? Marine diesels, and diesel engines in general are a ‘compression ignition engine’. Air is drawn into the cylinder, and then compressed. This compression of the air is caused by […]

Decided to start blogging about positive thinking and optimism

Positive Thinking, Optimism & Success After listening to Tony Robins, and other success gurus on youtube, I have decided to create my own optimism and success blog. If you don’t know who Tony Robins is, I well recommend that you check out his videos on youtube. Be selective about who you follow I rate his […]

Lorawan IOT Gateway construction

Lorawan- building an IoT  Gateway for the Things Network Lincoln Things Network I am the initiator of the Lincoln Things Network which is a worldwide crowd funded initiative, bringing lorawan wireless IOT (Internet of Things) to the world. The local Lincoln group which I founded can be found at The network receives environmental data […]

Lead-Acid Batteries Care and Maintenance on Ships

Care and Maintenance of Lead Acid Marine Batteries on Ships Lead-Acid Batteries on ships provide an important function. In the event of a ‘blackout’, or loss of generator power, they allow the ships important systems to continue to operate, until backup generators ‘kick in’, or repair can take place. Important systems include communications, such as […]

Marine Radio Equipment Installation

Marine Radio Equipment Installation on Ships Having talked with many current, and retired Electro Technical Officers (ETO), it is apparent that radio communications  is considred by some, a ‘Black Art’. The main two frequency bands that you will come across on a Marine vessel are HF & VHF. HF is short for High Frequency, and […]

Wet three phase Induction Motor Effects

Flooded or Wet Induction Motors First of all, try not to! When designing a marine of industrial installation, you need to consider the IP, or ingress protection rating of your Induction motor. By choosing a motor with a high enough IP rating, it is possible that when you submerge your Induction Motor, nothing will happen. […]