Satellite Dish Installation Tips

Satellite Dish Installation Tips Installing a satellite dish at your home or business premises is not as difficult than you might think. This article is focused on installation of satellite dishes receiving television signals from Geostationary Satellites. Satellite System Components To receive television signals from a satellite, you will need:- A satellite dish An LNB […]

What supply teaching taught me about being a business entrepreneur

For five years I worked (through choice) as a supply teacher (substitute teacher in USA), in the British state school system. It taught me valuable life lessons & helped develop personal qualities in myself, that have helped in business. Resiliance Supply teaching, like business, is tough.  As a supply teacher, you can be ‘meeting new […]

Marine Radio Equipment Installation

Marine Radio Equipment Installation on Ships Having talked with many current, and retired Electro Technical Officers (ETO), it is apparent that radio communications  is considred by some, a ‘Black Art’. The main two frequency bands that you will come across on a Marine vessel are HF & VHF. HF is short for High Frequency, and […]

Wet three phase Induction Motor Effects

Flooded or Wet Induction Motors First of all, try not to! When designing a marine of industrial installation, you need to consider the IP, or ingress protection rating of your Induction motor. By choosing a motor with a high enough IP rating, it is possible that when you submerge your Induction Motor, nothing will happen. […]

Single Phasing In Three Phase Marine Induction Motors

Single Phasing Faults In Marine & Land Induction Motors Single phasing is the term used when one of the three stator windings in an induction motor is not ‘energised’. Three reasons for this happening in a Marine (& Land) environment are:- Mechanical vibration – causing the terminal nuts to become loose, and therefore disconnecting a […]

Industrial & Marine Induction Motor Servicing Tips

Marine Induction Motor Servicing Tips Safety & Isolation of supply when marine induction motor servicing. Taking a casual approach to marine induction motor servicing & electricity can prove fatal. This is especially true when we are talking about three-phase motors, as they operate in the UK & EU at 400 Volts Alternating Current (400 VAC). […]

Survivorship Bias

Survivorship Bias is the tendency of human beings to overestimate the likelihood of success, when undertaking a new and risky business venture. This is likely to happen if you think about it, as other peoples (and businesses) successes are easy to spot publicly, whereas those who fail with a new business venture, are going to […]

How to Reverse the Direction of a Three Phase Induction Motor

How to reverse the direction of a three-phase induction motor. Reversing the direction of a three phase Induction Motor is useful in a number of situations. For example in a electric winch or elvevator (lift), there is a requirement for the motor to reverse. To reverse a three phase induction motor, swap over any two […]