Should I Stay Or Should I Go

What I truly want!

For some time now, I repeatedly wake up between 1 pm – 2 pm, with the same emotional thought.

That thought is that I should leave the UK, and move to mainland Europe.

To be more accurate, it’s more of an intense feeling of mild panic, as the end of the Brexit transition period looms.

Should I say or should I go

A difficult choice, as I have family in the UK, but I have been increasingly horrified at the way the UK has been acting towards our close neighbours.

I also don’t agree with the way the UK government treats its citizens.

Whilst the UK is one of the best places in the world to live, I have long been horrified at the way it doesn’t put its citizens first.

Recently the Prime Minister said that the first duty of the state is to defend the realm.

Whilst defence is important ( we are NATO members), shouldn’t the first duty of a country, be to its own people’s welfare.

Recently I was listening to a podcast, in which the person being interviewed, defined leadership.

Leadership is about encouraging, and helping those below you, to improve themselves, to grow!

This surely is what the EU does, in helping poorer EU countries to grow and improve, through financial assistance.

The current UK attitude seems to be to cut the International aid budget. This is in addition to a widespread desire to stop paying money into Europe (EU).

The UK is a wealthy country, and surely by helping our worldwide neighbours improve, we help ourselves, in the long term.

This is because as the countries we help get wealthier, they can buy our products and services. People buy from people they like!

I’m also a big believer in the truth that you should treat others as you wish to treat yourselves.

So back to the question, should I stay, or should I go?

I think I should, but it’s scary and exciting at the same time.

I will update this blog post, and keep you updated later.

Craig x.

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