Walkie Talkie on Grass Lawn advert effectiveness examination

As a small business owner, who loves marketing I often design our own advert publicity material.

The Photo advert of the Walkie Talkie on a grass lawn was taken by me using a Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Camera.

So why did I think it was a good idea to put a walkie talkie on a grass lawn?

Walkie talkies are used in a variety of environments, from inside shops to rescue workers up mountains.

The marketing message that I am trying to convey, is that the walkie talkie in the photo, is a rugged product.

It is also (hopefully) clear that the item is available for sale, and that the price is clearly stated.

An improvement to the advert would be to put the name of the website and / or contact phone number on the advert.

As it stands, the potential customer has to google the name of the company, which they probably won’t, as its hassle.

Yet another improvement to the advert would be to include text explaining the benefits of the product to the potential consumer.

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