Morris Minor Maintenance Course

Morris Minor Maintenance Course is something I can offer if you are interested.

Having rebuilt a Morris Minor, and also being qualified in practical engineering and engine maintenance, I know these cars inside and out.

The Morris Minor was launched in 1948, and produced until the early 1970’s.

This means that the newest car (which will be a traveller), is over 50 years old.

Fortunately, when I was buying my first car as a 17-year-old, in the late 1980s, I could only afford old cars.

The first was a Mini, and the second an ex-Police Morris Minor.

The Morris Minor had been bought from Surrey Police by a retiring police officer and had remained in the family ever since.

Therefore the family was selling it to me for a reason.

It wasn’t actually advertised for sale, but they contacted me in response to a wanted ad I had placed in the local newspaper.

The Morris Minor had two months MOT left on it.

On collecting the car, my first realisation was that it didn’t like going much above 50MPH.

As a 1970-year model, it had the longer stroke 1098cc version of the A-Series engine.

It just felt so sluggish, compared to the 998cc A Series engine, fitted to my 1973 model year Mini Clubman Estate.

This is where my experience of working on Morris Minors began.

I will expand this page, when I get time, with more information on the Morris Minor Maintenance Course.

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