Design technology tuition is a passion of mine.

Although holding qualified teacher status (QTS) in Economics & Business Management, I soon taught Design Technology.

During Post Graduate PGCE teacher training at Hull University, I needed a second subject.

This was because there was not enough business and economics to teach in the schools I was on placement at.

I, therefore, was able to offer Design Technology tuition and teaching, during my second school placement.

That was way back in 1998, and since then I have taught Design Technology and related subjects, as well as working in high tech design industries.

AQA Sylabus

New and emerging technologies


Automation started the industrial revolution, and has gone through various stages.

We are now entering the fourth industrial revolution, often known as Industry 4.0

Tuition covers the four stages of industrial automation, beginning during the industrial revolution.


Robots use artificial intelligence (AI) to collect information.

This information is used to improve the operational procedure.

The robots use of AI is what makes robotics different to normal automation.

There are many types of robots, depending on their use.

We will look at the different types, and learn why we need different types.

Specialist Buildings

Technologies such as Smart Buildings , renewable energy, and modular construction are improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Impact on Business Enterprises

This section examines new technologies and there impact on product development.

These include Crowdfunding, Virtual Marketing and Online Retail, Fair Trade, Cooperatives etc


You will learn about finite resources, which are non renewable, and also non finite resources.

Disposal of Waste

Impact on the Environment

Energy generation and storage

Developments in new materials

System approach to designing

Mechanical Devices

Material categories and properties

More information is being added soon…

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