Technology Marketing

Technology Marketing


I have a degree that combined telecommunications systems (wireless, internet, data etc), with International business.  Due to the subject options

Due to the subject options chosen, I graduated with a degree in Technology Marketing.

technology marketing

Following graduation I have continually honed my online marketing skills, and in 2007 launched my first dedicated ECommerce website, which exported products to France, as well as the UK.

I am constantly learning, as the field of online marketing has changed dramatically since 2007, let alone 1997.

Google algorithms are an example of why you cannot stand still with your online presence.

They change them regularly, and it can have significant effects on your websites search engine rank, and therefore visability.

My technology marketing experience and expertise is predominantly online based, and in the area of technology products and services.

Technology Marketing Websites

Here are some examples of the websites that I have built and maintain:- – wordpress based website. – wordpress based site. – Magento based shop on sub directory. – client site – my personal site

Social Media

Social media interconnection with your website is crucial for technology marketing sucessthese days.

I have set up and managed social media accounts, such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram etc.

I also have filmed business interviews for a friends media business, along with being able to edit using Apple Final Cut Pro, Abobe Premiere etc.

Film and video are increasingly important in online marketing, and I can provide this, including having experience of uploading to Vimeo & Youtube.

Marketing Strategy

With a degree which included study of marketing strategy at an International level, I can help you plan a succesful targetted marketing campaign.

I also have lots of experience in online technology marketing, and have learnt what works and what not to do.

I also understand engineering, having worked in a number of engineering sectors (telecoms, manufacturing, product development, STEM teaching). This means I don’t need to ‘fake it’ when working with you on your business¬† marketing strategy.

Marketing Analysis

Is your online technology marketing campaign actually succesful?

Tools such as Google Analytics, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools, paid advert analysis and server analysis of IP addresses, all help monitor marketing campaign effectiveness.

I have used all of these as an online marketer.

Get in touch via:-

@acraigmiles (twitter, is where I am most active)

or via this website of course.