About Craig Miles

Visual thinker, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Learner.

Interested in:
a) Imagination, Creativity & Self-esteem in Education.
b) Encouraging the often untapped potential of too many of our fellow humans.
c) Improving the world for its people through disruptive design ideas, particularly focused on wireless communication technologies.

20+ years of varied experience within the public, private & non-profit sectors, teaching, managing businesses, being an employee, doing practical engineering.

Key Strengths
Sees connections from diverse sources to create new design ideas that don’t currently exist, wide experience of teaching from Primary school age (KS2) up to Adult Further Education (50+), quick learner, love helping people, passionate about improving the world for people through design & innovation, love communicating ideas via the mediums of writing, video & teaching.

In rank order of my brain thinking process strengths:
1) Mental visualisation, seeing in pictures
2) Thinking & communicating using words.
3) Numbers (can do accounts, but slowly 🙂

Over 20 years work experience in #wireless #electrical & #digital sectors. UK qualifications framework level 7 academic qualification, along with practical vocational qualifications, such as electronics servicing, wireless systems installation, & marine engine maintenance.

Great ability to see things differently, and notice ways to change and improve systems and processes.

Inventive and creative mind, and always asking the ‘why’ question.

Generally laid back, and easy to get on with.

Experience of working with people of all levels of seniority within organisations.

Work with me if you want someone reliable, who has a passion for change and improvement.

Dont work with me if you want someone who will just accept that things have always been done that way.